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Social Worker - Caregiver Job Description

Title:                                        Social Worker - Caregiver
Accountable to:                   Social Work Supervisor
Personnel delegations:     As specified in Instrument of Delegation
Financial delegations:        As specified in Instrument of Delegation

Purpose of position
The Social Worker, Social Work & Community Services will provide statutory social work services which promote the protection, well being and best management of children and young persons in safe families.  The Social Worker will work toward this goal through the delivery of a range of intervention strategies designed to meet desired outcomes, specified by the Minister of Social Welfare.

Social Workers will be responsible for:

Social Work Practice:
1.         Information gathering and analysis at intake and investigation phases.
2.         Planning, implementation and review of appropriate interventions, in conjunction with the supervisor, and where appropriate, an assigned co-worker.
3.         Preparing reports as required, based on extensive and accurate information gathering and analysis;
4.         Using existing professional practice tools and those which may from time to time be introduced by the Service.
5.         Providing appropriate information to clients, professionals, colleagues and others in order to maximise good decision making processes.
6.         Participating in the processes of the Family Group Conference (FGC) and those tasks which follow an FGC.
7.         Completing tasks associated with the Family and Youth Court, including preparing and presenting a range of reports for Court.
8.         Providing case management in conjunction with the supervisor and other relevant parties.
9.         Keeping factual and timely formal records through the use of computer based and other information systems.
10.      Co-operating with any agreed quality assurance process operated by the Service.

Relationship and Inter-Agency:
11.      Making a positive contribution to the development of a co-operative relationship with the supervisor.
12.      Working collaboratively with other social work colleagues, professional advisors, managers and other employees of the Service the wider Department and any Iwi Social Service with whom the Service may be in partnership.
13.      Developing and maintaining effective links with a range of other people and agencies in order to maximise services built on inter-agency collaboration.  This will include links with appropriate Maori and Pacific island peoples, community groups, professional agencies and other client groups that relate to the practice area.

14.      Following legislative requirements, and Departmental policies and practices at all times.
15.      Participation in the provision of a 24 hour service which includes working after hours, on weekends and Public Holiday as required.
16.      Seeking approval for funding of interventions on a case by case basis within defined parameters.
17.      Accepting responsibility for accurate entering of data required for casework recording and Service information.
18.      Accepting and obeying all lawful and reasonable instructions given by supervisor and line managers, including delegations from Co-ordinators.

Self Management Responsibilities:
19.      Planning and taking opportunities for training, coaching and other professional development possibilities.
20.      Managing work priorities, personal workload and stress levels with the support of the supervisor.
21.      Complying with the Service’s policies on health and safety in the workplace and participating as part of the organisation to provide for a safe and healthy work environment.
22.      Complying with requirements of the Supervision policies.

Other Activities:
23.      Undertaking any other appropriate activities that fall within the purpose of the position stated at the beginning of this job description.

Desired Outcomes
In carrying out the responsibilities and accountabilities outlines above the social worker will be contributing towards the following outcomes:

Short term:
·               Children are safe and receiving proper care and control with permanency outcomes identified.
·               Children who have been physically, emotionally or behaviourally damaged as a result of abuse or neglect are healed and developing normally.
·               Families that have experienced relationship problems, or problems with child care or control are functioning in a way that does not compromise the development of their children.
·               Young offenders are back on path toward a satisfying and productive adult life by attending school or work, avoiding substance abuse and meeting normal community standards for acceptable behaviour.
·               The factors that put children at risk of further harm by others, self harm, neglect offending, or substance abuse have been identified and reduced where possible.
·               Services for Iwi Maori are delivered in partnership with Iwi authorities where it is their wish to do so.

Medium term
·               Families that have received assistance from the Service continue to meet their care and control obligations without need for further intervention.
·               Young offenders do not re-offend, and in particular, do not develop toward adults offending behaviour.
·               Children continue to be safe and to progress toward a satisfying and productive adult life.
·               Permanency outcomes an achieved for all children and young people in the care of the Chief Executive.

Long Term
·               The incidences of child abuse and neglect decline
·               The incidences of youth offending declines
·               The incidences of abuse, neglect and youth offending amongst Maori trends down toward that of the remainder of the community
·               Services for Iwi Maori are delivered by Iwi authorities where it is their wish to do so.

Key Accountabilities and Authorities
To contribute as part of the organisation to:

·               Work with families, communities, other agencies and professionals to protect children and young persons, manage young offenders, ensure safety and security for children and young persons in the custody of the Chief Executive of Child, Youth and Family and to provide adoption and adult adoption information services.

To deliver quality services that are:

·               in compliance with the Children, Young Persons’ and Their Families Service Act 1989, the Public Finance Act 1989, and with other relevant legislation and regulations.
·               consistent with Service policies and procedures, including Child, Youth and Family’s Code of Conduct.
·               culturally appropriate and consistent with the Treaty of Waitangi, and the Departments Maori (Te Pounamu) and Pacific Peoples strategies, which are currently detailed in Puao-te-Ata-tu, Te Punga and Lali.
·               cost effective and within financial parameters set by the manager.

Functional Relationships

Other social work practitioners within Child, Youth and Family and;
·               Within local Iwi Social Services;
·               Internal Service providers;
·               Local community groups, networks and social service agencies;
·               Other Government agencies such as:
§    Education
§    Health
§    Immigration Service
§    Internal Affairs
§    Justice
§    Office of the Commissioner for Children
§    Te Puni Kokiri
§    Youth Affairs
§    Community Service Providers
§    Nga Iwi
§    Policy

 Appointee specification

·        A qualification in social work (minimum of a Diploma at level 6, or Degree at level 7 or higher) is the preferred qualification.

·        Consideration will be given to applicants who have successfully achieved some papers towards a qualification in social work, or with a completed tertiary qualification (level 6 and above) containing papers that provide a theoretical framework for understanding human behaviour and there is a clear commitment to completing a recognised social work qualification.

·        Consideration may also be given to other applicants provided the essential and desirable requirements are met and there is a clear commitment to achieving a recognised social work qualification.

·        A clean, current drivers licence is an essential requirement.

Key Competencies

The following competencies are required for entry to this position:

·                Resilience – a demonstrated ability to persevere through periods of heavy workloads in stressful situations.

·                Conceptual thinking – the ability to identify patterns or connections between situations; identify key or underlying issues in complex situations and resolve these by using creative, conceptual and inductive reasoning.

·                Analytical thinking – the ability to understand a situation by breaking it into smaller pieces, to be systematic, to trace cause and effect implications, and to set priorities.

·                Interpersonal understanding – a desire to understand the structure and protocols of other cultures and a willingness and aptitude to utilise these for the benefit of clients of the Service; and ability to understand the reasons for the feelings and behaviour of others through the ability to interpret unspoken or partially expressed thoughts feelings and concerns, and through an appreciation of the cultural framework within which that person operates.

·                Achieving the task – the ability to organise work through an efficient use of time, setting targets and achieving them.

·                Self confidence – confidence in ones own judgement and a willingness to express an independent view point.

The following competencies are highly desirable for entry for this position:

·                Relationship building – An ability to engage with clients and to establish working relationship with agencies, voluntary groups and individuals.

·                Influencing others An ability to influence others through appropriate use of directive and non directive means.

·                Information seeking and interpretation – an ability to elicit basic information and probe for further facts through a wide range of information gathering skills.

·                Listening and responding an ability to listen, to interpret, clarify and respond appropriately.

·                Role clarity – an ability to be clear about one’s role and to evaluate the purpose of taking a particular action.

·                Service orientation a desire to work within the framework of the Service (and where appropriate, Iwi Social Service) toward meeting the desired outcomes for clients.

·                Team work and co-operation a commitment to work co-operatively as part of a team, and to be flexible in a changing work environment.


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