Sunday, June 6, 2010

Additional tips for tier assessment interview

How will you find work ?

a. Huge list of agencies & companies
b. Information about career advice – CVs, interviews, job hunting tips
c. Updated my skills
d. Made a few contacts in NZ
e. Decided it is best to emigrate first, then look for a job in our preferred area

Have you tried to find work ?
Two options:
a. Find a job, submit CV, go for interview, start over again
b. Find lots of companies & prepare for an intensive job search on arrival
---Uncertainty of when we’d get to NZ
---House sale
---Didn’t want to mess employers about

We've chosen option (b), and could back it up with a list of companies etc.

What obstacles to finding work might you encounter ?

a. This rather stumped me because I automatically prepare for other options, so I don't notice the obstacles
I guess you need to consider whether you might have obstacles in your career.

What will you do to make settling OK ?

a. With kids and a dog we’ll meet lots of new people – we do that a lot !
b. Playgroup and toddler club for our kids
c. My wife has a mums & toddler/baby group who meet in each others houses
d. New friends from work

Have you got family or friends in NZ, that will actually provide support ?

a. No family, but forum friends. I'm naming no names, but people on here were mentioned
b. It's real support that matters. So you need solid help, like a place to stay, or help with something.

What research have you done ?

a. I think you can guess my answers to that

Do you know what the cost of living is ?

a. My cost of living calculator
b. You need to know what salary you can expect, and what you could accept if necessary in order to be able to survive.

What will you do if you can't find work. The wrong answer is "I will only do xxx, and so I'll just give up !".

a. Look in other parts of NZ
b. Look for anything to do with computers !
c. You need to show that you are not going to only accept the job you think you 'deserve'. Flexibility and drive to get 'something' is I think the answer.

1) How are you going to apply your skills in NZ?
2) What do you think are the difficulties you'll encounter in finding work in NZ?
3) What challenges have you faced in your work in your own country?
4) Why did you choose NZ over other countries?
5) What made you decide to go to NZ?
6) What do you know about the living costs/labour market/climate in NZ? what you could accept in order to be able to survive.

House rental $160-250/wk depending on location and size
Electricity: $100-150/mo
Dining out: $10-30
Coke 1.5 litres: $2
Groceries: $280–350/mo

Summer: Dec – Feb
Autumn: Mar – May
Winter: June – August
Spring: Sept - November

In what region do you want to settle in? Why?

3 main IT centers:
Christchurch – flourishing IT industry, located in the South Island, less crowded
Wellington – 2nd to Auckland in availability of IT jobs

Auckland – numerous IT companies; most crowded city in NZ with a population of 1M
Wellington – 2nd to Auckland in availability of IT jobs

Do you have contacts in NZ? If you have friends, what kind? How close are you? How often do you communicate? What level of support can they extend to you? Do you have their contact nos.?

What have you done, will do to prepare yourself for a successful settlement in NZ?

-sent resumes to various companies & recruitment agencies:

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