Monday, April 12, 2010


To the readers, Mabuhay! Welcome! Kia Ora!

I created this blog to share with you true-to-life stories and experiences of myself and some of my co-New Zealand migrants. These stories that you are about to read are not intended to put you off but it is rather intended to inspire and motivate you in whatever stage you are at be it as an aspiring migrant in your initial stage of your application or those who are already here in NZ and are facing all sorts of challenges and difficulties especially around acquiring permanent residency.

These stories will also highlight each of our faults and mistakes that had an implication on the course of our application. May these wrongs and ‘should haves’ that we had guide you from not doing the same, hence, quickening your application process.

Each story has its own uniqueness and individual flavor. It is full of action, drama, and surprises. It also shows insurmountable faith in God and oneself. There were joyous triumphs, sad fate and mere experiences that provide the reader of its own point of reference.

I am wishing that through our little way we are able to help you in your journey to New Zealand or anywhere in the world.


P.S. If you would like to share your story to others, sad or joy, failure or triumph or anything that you find helpful to others, please do not hesitate to contact me and I can help you post your story.