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Job Description – Production Technician

Job Description – Production Technician

Purpose To undertake maintenance work and service as directed through the Company’s
maintenance planning function to ensure uptime is maximised and processing
operations are fully supported.
To provide hands on expertise in event of an emergency breakdown.
This position supports processing operations therefore it is a key expectation of
this role that you provide shift coverage.

• Ability to communicate well.
• Ability to work in a team.
• Ability to focus on the customer.
• Ability to be innovative.
• Ability to build good relationships.
• Ability to add value and reduce cost.
• Ability to involve employees.
• Ability to operate/manage according to company health and safety policies
and procedures.

specific to job
• Knowledge of preventative and condition-based maintenance and how to
apply it in the plant.
• Ability to work flexible hours to cover production requirements.
• Strong motivation and ability to learn and utilise new skills.
• Commitment to manage the reduction of maintenance cost and improve the
reliability of machinery.

The Production Technician reports to the Production Engineer.
1. Conduct themselves and carry out all duties in line with the Sealord Group
Ltd core values including Safety above all, Quality & Environment and
Deliver what we promise.
2. Reports to the site Production Engineer. This is a hands on technical role.
3. Is responsible for supporting operators and ensuring that the machinery and
plant runs at the most efficient settings to give optimal yield, cascade, speed
and efficiency.
4. Is responsible for assisting with technical machine setup at the start of the
shift/production run and for the continual adjustment to maintain optimal
5. Will undertake some maintenance of the machines as called upon by the
Maintenance planner in conjunction with the Production Engineer.
6. Will advise Production Engineer of any symptoms that may indicate
machine is not running optimally and steps taken to rectify the situation.
7. Will assist the Production Engineer in the training of future Operators and
Production Technicians to ensure a very high factory standard.
8. In conjunction with the Production Engineer will assist in the monitoring of
contractor activity within their area of responsibility to ensure best value
from contractors and housekeeping and safety standards are maintained.
9. During their shift as duty Production Technician will immediately attend to
breakdowns and advise production engineer of first steps taken to mitigate
damage, product loss/contamination etc.
10. Identify factory efficiency improvements and implement and document in
conjunction with Production Engineer and Shift Controller
11. Have continuing dialogue with Production Engineer over new equipment,
improvement ideas and training requirements.
12. Will make themselves available to the company for purposes of training
internally or internationally if required.
Health and
• Active involvement in the company’s “Stay Safe” programme:
- assist in the management of hazards
- participate in TALK meetings
- abide by safety rules and requirements
- encourage others to act safely
- participate in WALK behavioural observation programme
- report and record safety incidents
- assist in the investigation of safety incidents


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