Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Design and Drawing
§ Design pressure equipment to relevant design codes (Australian & International)
§ Structural design of support structures for pressure vessels and tanks to relevant loading
codes (covers wind, seismic etc)
§ To ensure technical competence and adherence to relevant standards in all work taken
§ To ensure timely and accurate provision of designs and drawings for fabrication facilities
Project Involvement
§ Work closely with Project Managers to ensure customer requirements and variations are
documented correctly and within contractual conditions, advising Project Manager of any
variations from original specifications.
§ Working closely with manufacturing staff to ensure correct and accurate drawings are available
for issue to the workshop.
§ To liaise with the Sales/Project Managers to ensure accurate & timely submission of
competitive tender documents/pricing;
§ To ensure timely provision of construction drawings for the company’s production facilities and
encourage good production practices
§ Ensure targets and milestones are met.
§ To ensure customer requirements are met

§ Encourages ethical and accurate practices;
§ To show, by example and motivation, commitment to the Company’s objectives by controlling,
analysing and implementing improvements in quality, productivity and efficiency;
§ Observe and implement guidelines, principles and instructions as laid down in the company
Quality Assurance Manual and in particular, the specific requirements of the Company Design
§ Assist other departments or with special projects where required;
§ Contribute to the progress and prosperity of the Company by full participation in the activities of
the Team.
Health & Safety
§ Take personal responsibility for H&S
§ Ensure proactive approach to H&S issues, this covers OH&S requirements for client
drawings/design as well as OH&S practices on-site at Burton;
§ Undertake hazard and risk assessments of all items designed and ensure all statutory
regulations are complied with.

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