Saturday, July 30, 2011

Skilled Asian migrants giving the West cold shoulder

More professional and skilled Asians are giving New Zealand, Australia and other Western nations a wide berth, choosing instead to migrate to other Asian cities, a study has found.

"Asian professionals, who had aimed for labour markets in Western countries, have instead begun to emigrate in large numbers to East Asia due to the prosperity in these Asian economies."

Massey University sociologist Paul Spoonley said the annual net migration gain for New Zealand over the past 20 years was 12,000. But in the 12 months to May 31, the net gain was 4600, down from 18,000 the previous year.

"The things that we can offer are lifestyle, an English education and a New Zealand passport, so there are real advantages for New Zealand and we've got to stress those advantages."

Full article by Lincoln Tan

Below are my thoughts of the article above relating to Skilled Migrants here in New Zealand.

Given the ever changing immigration policies, high fees for immigration both to Government and immigration agent, the reality that there's not much work in New Zealand and the attitude of Kiwi employers towards migrants applicants, shade most of the issues behind this fall of numbers in migrants in New Zealand.

As a migrant here in New Zealand, I went through all of this immigration process that took me almost 3 years in preparation, landed in New Zealand and had the experience of difficult job hunting and difficult adjustment in work place and now struggling on high cost of living.

For me the fall of numbers of migrants in New Zealand is a good indicator that people are become aware of the real situation here in New Zealand. I've read a lot of stories of migrants and had a few friends that had been sent back to our Country because they cannot find a job in New Zealand, this is not restricted to Asian people alone but also people from South Africa, UK, etc.   

The following are the main issues about skilled migrant here in New Zealand based on my personal knowledge;

Firstly, Immigration New Zealand needs to re-evaluate or re-assess their skill shortage lists to ensure that they will only invite people related to the skills they required. This way, it is fair to aspiring migrants who spend their hard end money or worst sell their properties that most migrants do to pay immigration fees, consultant fees, medical fees, airfare and etc in the hope of getting a better life in New Zealand. However, this was not always the case of hundreds of migrants here in New Zealand. I've known a lot of people who are professional and highly skilled who are working in McDonalds, at the supermarket or in production shops. Others has Masters degree and now working as Cleaner (Master Janitor). 

Secondly, Immigration New Zealand must educate Kiwi employers about Skilled Migrant. When I was applying for a job before, most of the employers representative don't have any idea what is Skilled Migrant Visa is.  Also some employers are avoiding applicants with Skilled Migrant Visa because of hassles that immigration processes they have to do.

And lastly, Kiwi employers must embrace the reality that New Zealand needs migrants for their Country to sustain the economy and keeps everything going. This is quite funny and annoying, when you're applying for a job here as migrant, they will not accept you because you don't have Kiwi experience. WHATTTT???? you'll probably fell down from your chair upon hearing this during on earth you can get kiwi experience where you just arrived to New's common sense really but it's sad that common sense isn't common here.

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